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A team is not the sum of several people. It implies connection and fraternity. The New Zealand rugby team conquered our hearts and became a clear example of teamwork.

The Haka is a traditional Maori dance that was used in the fight to concentrate on the battle and intimidate the enemy. When a whole team of Rugby players jumps to the field and runs a Haka in a synchronized and challenging manner, it not only impacts the opposing team but the entire stadium. But what is hidden behind this ritual are hours of work to learn each movement and each gesture, choosing those that are more impactful and effective. It is not just a beautiful or visual dance, but to seek a response or reaction in the adversary.

They train together to win the game, but also the morale of their rivals, leaving individualities aside to show the unity and strength of the team. That's what characterizes the New Zealand All Blacks, who since 2005 have their own Haka and composed for the team. The synchronicity and perfection have made them be awarded with the Princess of Asturias award for sports.

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