There are names that go down in history and that become the horizon to which we all aspire. Antonio Stradivari could not imagine that what began with an ingenious phrase would end up turning his Stradivarius violins into the most exclusive and desired instrument of all History.

Antonio Stradivari was born in a village near Cremona. At the age of 12, he started working as an apprentice in the workshop of Nicola Amati, a famous violin builder. When the teacher passed away, Stradivari and the other disciple of Amati opened their own workshop door to door with the master's, now owned by his son.

Given the high competition between the three workshops being on the same street, Amati's son decided to put a sign on the door of his shop to emphasize that he was selling the original Amati's violins. Stradivari and Guarneri (the other disciple) answered this with their own creativities:

Amati's son sign:
“The best violins in Europe are made here”

Guarneri's sign:
“The best violins in the world are made here”

Stradivari's sign:
“The best violins in this block are made here”

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