The analysis of data is not available to everyone. Behind a number there are thousands of posible interpretations and only in one of them lies the key to success. Alan Touring was the brighter example of the data analysis.

Behind the end of World War II lies the mind of the bright matematician Alan Turing, whose precise and crucial data analysis was the key to decipher the nazis’ communications, changing the fate of the fray and sparing millions of lives.

During the war, Adolf Hitler’s army used a device known as Enigma to code their communications. Enigma was a machine that provided the German Army with more than 10.000 billion different possibilities to code their messages, an impassable wall for the Allied Army.

The decoding team lead by Alan Turing was able to find patterns in the messages, through ecuations and calculations, and understand Enigma’s functioning enough to develop Bombe, a machine to unravel the German puzzle.

The historians considers Turing’s work shortened the Great War between two and four years, sparing around 14 million lives. An extraordinary example of analytics hability to decipher the reality and make a difference in human kind history.

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