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Pizza Hut

How metrics and user behavior are a key factor in obtaining more sales

1Pizza Hut - Pizzas that create exciting moments

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company in the world. since 1,958 it has been passionately nurturing small and large towns around the world from its more than 15,000 restaurants.

Thanks to our analytical study, UX and CRO, it was possible for us to significantly increase Pizza Hut sales.

2Challenge - Increase the brand's income through the web

Pizza Huts website had some problems with both software and item organization that made the purchase process difficult for users interested in ordering a pizza.

It was difficult to navigate the menus and find the menu of each restaurant, which varied depending on the user's location. Also, when a user was logged in, the software occasionally forgot the user's data, treating it as a new customer.

3Strategy - Web analysis and corrections

Our work began gathering information in order to analyze the behavior of users who accessed the website.

We proposed a UX analysis to detect vanishing points and understand why a high percentage of users decided to abandon the shopping cart.
Applying a segmentation by device, we analyzed the collected metrics, we performd a torture test of the web, we interviewed several buyers, we created satisfaction surveys, we studied the heat maps and the user data while browsing the site. All this, sorting users, as we said, by device (mobile or computer) used to access the website, as the web presents a different design for each case.

4Results - Many more orders placed

Doing a 360º analysis of our users, we are able to detect the deficiencies of the web and adapt it to the needs of our clients.

We managed to increase access to the cart by 308% and reduce the dropout rate by 46.5%. Users who already knew the web left 47.5% less, while the improvement for new users was 45.7%.

In addition, we saw improvements in all types of devices. The users on mobile left the shopping cart 25.88% less and those on desktop 69.84% less.

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