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Mitsubishi Motors

Analysis and definition of KPIs, taking care of the details and advantage of each innovation, increasing visits by 350% and decreasing the CPC by 38%.

1Mitsubishi – Each euro learns from the previous one

Mitsubishi Motors is one of the divisions of the Japanese Mitsubishi corporation. It forms along with Renault and Nissan one of the largest automobile groups in the world. Its philosophy is "to provide maximum driving pleasure and safety for our customers and our community. On these commitments we will not give in. This is the path of Mitsubishi Motors. "

2Challenge - Campaign optimization, how to start from scratch

They already had a career in campaigns with Google Ads, so the biggest challenge for Marketalia was to demonstrate the strategic potential as campaign managers. We had to improve the results obtained and meet the expectations of the client.

At that time, advertising campaigns in the motor vehicle world were measured only based on two KPIs, Marketalia studied the behavior of users and new actions were discovered that the user considered important, the more parameters can be measured, more data we have about them to optimize, obtaining the maximum yield from each euro invested.

3Strategy - The importance of small details

We decided to start from scratch, with a new account, incorporating the new discovered KPIs and designing a strategy that took advantage of all the tools, however small, within our reach.

Most of the success lies in the work and constant optimization: defining new texts and advertising pieces for each of the supports used (display, video, search, remarketing and mobile format).

The process of deciding to buy a car usually involves several months, multidevice consultations, forums, newspapers, websites of the brands themselves ... so the buyer goes through several phases of prolonged purchase. We define personalized strategies for each decision phase, arriving at the moment and with the appropriate advertising argument.

As Premier Google Partners, we have access to the beta of certain functionalities which allow us to use the most innovative tools before they go on the market.

Top actions:

Ads in image searches, there are many users who looked for a picture of the car model they wanted to buy and that's where we managed to impact them, with hardly any competitors bidding for that space.

Using video, especially with the Pre-Roll format, through a powerful selling plan and execution, we get the most out of a low impact cost.


Visits increased by


we decreased the CPC by


we increased the quality of visits by


Comparing this campaign with the campaigns carried out previously and based on the same objectives.

"Thanks to Marketalia we have achieved an important improvement in results with the same investment, with important increases in visits in our website and drastic cuts in the CPC. And what is even more relevant, during the last months, in which we have been forced to reduce our investment in SEM, Marketalia has been able to establish an order of priorities that has helped us to maintain excellent results."

Evan Eduardo Bodelón

Marketing Director, MMC Automóviles España, S.A,
Mitisubishi Motors

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