How to maximize sales for every euro invested in advertising

1Lenovo - World-wide leader in PC sales

Lenovo trusted Marketalia to manage their campaigns on Amazon with the aim of increasing their online sales. The work was developed for the Spanish market with an individualized personal computer sales strategy focused on the profiles of potential buyers and users interested in the IT sector.


2Challenge - Increase Amazon online sales

Lenovo presented us with the challenge of Increase Amazon online sales of Lenovo personal computers and generate the highest volume of traffic in some of its flagship products: Lenovo Yoga, Ideapad and Legion

3Strategy - Development of two campaigns

A first campaign in which users were shocked in the different properties / websites of Amazon (and in related media websites) and a second campaign, within the Amazon Marketplace, to collect the traffic and interest generated by the first campaign, taking users to action, that is, to purchase personal computers from the Lenovo brand.

In the first campaign, potential interested parties were identified, based on the type of purchases and queries made by these users within Amazon (IT articles, Lenovo products and other brands, etc...), in order to create a new category on Amazon. : Fans of Lenovo, and then impact with programmatic advertising that allowed to show the advertisment to the users when they are browsing inside and outside of Amazon and in websites related to the purchase of the computer.

Along with this campaign, a sale strategy for computers was made within the Amazon Marketplace, using the format of sponsored products, featured ads and display ads, increasing calls to action and maximizing sales data.


The profitability of the campaign: In the actions within Amazon a very significant increase in its online sales was gained, obtaining an Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) of 2.17%, which implies a ROAS of 46, that is, € 46 sales were obtained for each euro invested in the campaign. In addition, the programmatic advertising action impacted 2 million unique users, that is, it multiplied halo brand sales by 3 in addition to those obtained by the campaign in the Marketplace. A success for Lenovo that strengthens it as one of the reference brands in the implementation of advertising strategies that take advantage of the latest technologies.


unique users impacted


in sales for each euro invested

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