It’s said that all roads lead to Rome, but it’s very important to know which of them will get us there first and in the best conditions. A good strategy can save us mistakes that go down in history, like that of Dorando Pietri.

Until the Olympic Games in London in 1908, 40 kilometers were covered to complete a marathon. However, in this year, to adjust the test to the extension of land it was decided that the goal would be located at 42,195 kilometers.

Dorando Pietri already had experience as a long distance runner, but in London the new conditions of the test took its toll. He had very clear his strategy would start at a moderate pace, to accelerate towards the middle of the race. His strategy worked and at kilometer 39 he was already in first position.

He saw the stadium in the distance and thought "I am already there", but he still had more than 2 kilometers to go. Exhausted, he entered the stadium and, disoriented, kept advancing but in the opposite direction to the goal.

He will go down in history as the first big loser in history, since the Queen decided to give him a replica of the golden silver cup that is given to the winners. But he could have achieved the victory if he had rethought his strategy, reserving forces for those 2 kilometers that were added and running in the right direction.

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