Who would have imagined 20 years ago that a mobile phone would be our work tool, our memory and even our channel to find a partner? And how about 100 years ago? Only an authentic visionary like Nikola Tesla...

In 1926 the idea of mobile technology was not even a remote possibility for the most advanced heads of the time. With the exception of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), one of the most amazing geniuses in history. This inventor talked about mobile phones and anticipated the use we would make of him many years before the first mobile prototype appeared.

Thanks, among other visionaries, to Tesla we live in a remote, mobile world. His inventive character, far from economic aspirations, was motivated by the commitment to improve the world around him and the one that was to come. This spirit led him to invent some of the most important technological advances in history.

If something defines Tesla, it is his rupture with the world and the society that surrounded him, something that cost him more than a headache. In life, Nikola Tesla was repudiated and dismissed as crazy by his contemporaries who took advantage of his ideas. However, he is now considered a genius and many of his inventions and predictions have been fulfilled. In his head he imagined commercial aircraft and was, in a way, the forerunner of wifi technology.

"A cheap instrument, no bigger than a clock, will allow its bearer to hear anywhere, at sea or on land, music or songs, or a speech by a political leader, dictated elsewhere, distant. So, any drawing or print can be transferred from one place to another".

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