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At Marketalia we know that the success of an agency depends on the success of its clients. That's why we work on long-term relationships by offering a 360º service in Online Marketing.

We are a 100% independent agency, with a experienced team working in online marketing since 1999, composed by marketing strategists and teams of experts in optimization for advertising campaigns in the main tools of the market, such as Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, BING, etc... experts in SEO organic search engine optimization, Social media strategist and community managers, Creatives, Designers and programmers. If you are passionate about online marketing and you think you have a lot to contribute, we want to know you.

We are a Premier Partner of Google Ads, to offer Online Strategy services, as well as Results and Branding Campaigns. Marketalia is one of the winning agencies in the international awards of Google Engage All-Stars and has been defined as the most sustainable agency in Spain, in terms of being the agency that maintains relations with its customers for longer.

We have experience working for clients from different sectors, both for multinationals based in Spain, as well as for SMEs, from customers whose business model is primarily offline, as for pure players, who have a totally online model.

To know us better, you can see the latest news from the Agency on What's happening in Marketalia.

If you want to listen to our proposal to achieve your goals, either improve your brand image, increase customer loyalty, generate new contacts or increase your sales...

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We are a dynamic team, always open to new talent. We plan to continue growing in the future and want you to grow with us!. If you're passionate about marketing and you think you have a lot to say and contribute, don’t hesitate to talk with us. We're waiting for you!

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